Tre Sorelle

The art and technique of
designing and building

About This Project

Three independent four-story houses with swimming pools, built in 2008, were
redesigned and reconstructed. All residences are in Sivota, Lefkada, Greece, and
have a panoramic view of the Ionian Sea, Ithaca, Cephalonia, and the picturesque
port of Sivota village. Residence 1 is 151.90 sq m, and the swimming pool is 38 sq
m.; residence 2 is 133.60 sq m and has a swimming pool of 28.20 sq m.; and
residence 3 is 150.90 sq m. with a 32 sq m swimming pool.

Each residence has a basement, ground floor, first floor, and an attic bedroom. All
the houses are minimally decorated, and lots of their furniture was custom-designed
by ECLÉDE. It has three rooms, three bathrooms, an open kitchen and living room, a
storage and an attic. The outdoor space has an outdoor kitchen area.

Each pool’s location offers a stunning view of the village and gives the feeling of
being in the air.

In general:
Exterior and interior oil painting
Water supply and drainage
Electrical installations
Solar and boiler – installation and piping

The change in the layout of the houses:
a) changing the location of kitchens, plumbing, and electrical installations
b) change of the baths and construction of new baths
c) Installation of plasterboard and cement board, hidden lighting, partitions and
d) change of bedrooms
e) change of living and sitting areas

Changes in aspects:
a) modification of openings by removing the old & opening new ones
b) placement of roofs at the entrances of the houses
c) construction of new pergolas and removal of the vertical elements of the existing
ones from the original permit
d) Architectural metal frame-shades in various parts of the Western face are
constructed to break up the building's volume.
e) Installation of metal and glass railings

Changes in the configuration of the environment:
a) changing the size and location of the three swimming pools. Residence 1
Swimming pool = 38.00m2, Residence 2 Swimming pool = 28.20m2, Residence 3
Swimming pool = 32.00m2.
b) removal of the existing stairs to the uncovered areas and creation of new metal
c) change in the location, size, and number of pergolas of the uncovered space
d) change in the location of the indicative parking spaces of the coverage diagram of
the original permit and change in the layout of the individual areas of the uncovered
e) Creation of steps with stone
g) Paving and floor tiles

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